What is a pocket folder?

Pocket folders help us keep documents organized and easily accessible. These presentation folders are the perfect takeaway for any trade show, seminar, presentation or first meeting with clients. In addition to neatly organizing any sales, presentation, proposals and other business material, pocket folders promote your business and brand.

Your clients and prospects can utilize these folders to conveniently file and store material, all the while prominently displaying your company name on the tab.

Is it a pocket folder or a file folder? Well, it’s both.

Pocket Folder Features

  • Choice of 1 of 2 pockets
  • Media and card slot options
  • Choice of standard folder size
  • Customer shapes and sizes
  • Custom designed die cut or choose from templates

You can order pocket folders in bulk quantities for your business. The more pocket folders you order, the cheaper their unit price is!

Optional foil stamping, embossing, gloss aqueous coating
For a classic or elegant finish, consider embossing or foil stamping your business logo or slogan on the cover of your pocket folder. Die cutting is also an interesting and fun way to display text or mimic the shape of your product.

Pocket Folder With A Business Card Holder
Most of our clients pick a design that includes a business card slot (often called a business card holder). It’s a great way to ensure that prospective clients can always get in touch with you quickly.

A Few Tips to Help You Pick Your Design

Your pocket folder design should add that little extra touch. Turn this paper organizer into a branding asset with these few tips from our team:

1. KISS: Keep it simple... Here is a short list of what your design should help you do:

  • Establish a logo or a brand element
  • Get your message across
  • Convey your brand personality

No need for big bold images or over-the-top visuals to achieve these objectives. Keep it simple and let your brand shine.

2. Pick the right stock
Your folders should be durable so you should use a heavier card stock. Laminated finishes are also a good bet because they protect against water.

3. Be creative
You can stand out from the crowd by relying on the WOW factor offered by some die cut folder designs. When it comes to pocket folder design, the smallest details sometimes have the biggest impact for your brand.

Pocket Folder Samples

Pocket Folder
Pocket Folder & Sell Sheets
Pocket Folder
Pocket Folder & Sell Sheets
Pocket Folder & Sell Sheets
Pocket Folder