Custom Printed Cheques

Choose from pre-printed or custom printed laser cheques

Our business cheques feature high performance, high grade security paper of 3 grades, suitable for continuous printing on our digital laser printers. From invisible fibers, to watermarks that are visible in both transmitted and reflective light, to the amazing TonerFuse® coating that resists tampering and altering, you get outstanding protection from fraud.

Ordering Cheques from us is a Safe Process

Ordering Pre-printed Cheques
Save time and money by ordering pre-printed cheques for your business. You will save money compared to buying cheques from any traditional Canadian bank or major national supplier.

Laser Printing Cheques
Many companies choose to go with laser printing when it comes to cheques because this printing method costs less. Laser printed cheques can replace pre-printed checks. Just like regular pre-printed cheques, laser printed cheques pass the bank certification process. They are a great way to save on cheques. Gibson can print cheques that pass the bank certification process. Outsourcing the process to a printing company can help you avoid the hassle of purchasing an expensive MICR enhanced printer or MICR toner.

Custom Logo Cheques
Fight cheque fraud and make a great impression with your company logo on secure business cheques from Gibson Printing. Get exactly what you want, right down to the paper quality and designs with our custom printing cheques service.

Can I trust printed cheques?
Yes, it is possible and legal to order your cheques from any company, including those other than the bank. In fact, the company that primarily prints cheques for most banks is a private independent company that has simply been involved with the banks for years. There are no requirements from Payments Canada (formerly Canadian Payments Association), who oversees cheque regulations, that any specific company print your cheques, as long as all its current standards and specs are met in entirety, which we guarantee 100%.

Should I make sure that the printed cheques are approved by my bank?
Our cheques are guaranteed to pass the bank scanning and processing steps without any trouble. Ordering cheques from us is a safe process that helps you save money with bulk orders and gain time by having your cheques shipped to your business directly.

How long does it take to get your printed cheques?
Normally, the entire process takes between 7-10 business days. However, shipping time depends on the method selected by the customer and the location in Canada. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) or in the town of Markham specifically, deliveries are going to be much faster because we operate in Markham.

Gibson Printing: Your Trusted Markham Cheque Printing Company!

Gibson printing is a Canadian owned family company operating in the greater Toronto area. If you’d like to get in touch with us, we will get back to you within 24 hours regarding all of your printing inquiries.