Leaving your prospect with a high quality, professionally designed business card is the final touch to launch a great business relationship.

Discover what our business print clients know; that high quality business cards do make a difference.

Business Card Shapes and Sizes

The best type of paper for a business card depends entirely on your design (shape and size do impact your paper choice). Your new business cards might feature full colour graphics, custom design, embossing/debossing, rounded corners, digital foil stamping, unique sizes and shapes, and you can select from a huge variety of card stocks.

What is the standard business card size?

A standard business card has a specific size: 3.5 x 2 inches. Anything else will be a custom size.

Should you use custom sized cards?

Of course your should! You can have a memorable card with a little creativity and some custom sizes. Fun shapes are out of the ordinary and make people take notice. Why not use a shape that hints at your job or industry? You could have a card in the shape of a key, of a dog, of a computer...and much more.

Which paper is best for business cards?

Most business cards are printed on one of these 3 most common types of paper :

  • 14-point cardstock for thick cards
  • 16-point cardstock for the thicker types of cards
  • 100 lb. gloss cover for thin cards.

The best type of paper for a business card depends entirely on your design (shape and size do impact your paper choice).

Portrait or Landscape Orientation?

The landscape format is the one most people pick for their business cards. It’s easy to read and a standard practice. Portrait orientation is clean, elegant and gaining popularity. The only downside for this type of card is that it can be a bit harder to read if placed in a card holder.

Are business cards still relevant?

Many articles are quick to claim that business cards are dead. And yet, we keep printing them! Business cards have a real added value when it comes to networking experiences. You should use them to your advantage as call-to-actions. They allow you to make a lasting impression on people. We think business cards are still very relevant in this day and age.

Markham and Greater Toronto Area Business Card Printing

Wondering where to print your business cards? Gibson Printing is a printing company in Markham. We serve customers in our town and in the Greater Toronto area. So if you are looking for a business card printing company near you, go with Gibson!