Single fold Brochure

Single Fold

Tri fold Brochure

Tri Fold

Accordion fold Brochure

Accordion Fold

Gate fold Brochure

Gate Fold

Roll fold Brochure

Roll Fold

Vertical Half fold Brochure

Vertical Half Fold

As long as trade shows and mailboxes exist, brochures will always be a must! We offer different types of designs for your brochures, pamphlets and flyers. If you need to display information in a tidy manner, you have picked the right type of product! All of our products have vivid, consistent colours and are custom made to the size and fold option specified by the customer.

Enjoy having your brochure delivered on time and on budget.

Brochure sizes and designs

Every fold type has its advantages and constraints. You should always pay attention to the size of the panels and how you place information in a clear content hierarchy. When it comes to brochure printing, the most commonly ordered types of brochures are single fold, tri fold and accordion fold. Accordion works best when you have more than 3 panels of information that you would like to have printed.

Single Fold Brochures
A single fold brochure is the most simple design you can go for. No fuss: this is a sheet folded in half to product two panels (or two sides) where you can display your information.

Tri Fold Brochures
A tri fold brochure consists of a sheet folded twice to create three panels that are equal size. Both side panels are folded over the center panel.

Accordion Fold Brochures
Accordion fold brochures are basically made by folding a sheet like an accordion. This type of brochure design is great if you need to display a lot of information on your pamphlet, flyer or brochure.

Gate Fold Brochures
A sheet folded twice to produce three panels, except that unlike tri-fold brochures, the center panel is twice as wide as the flanking ones that fold over it.

Roll Fold Brochures
Roll fold brochures produce four panels folded in a way that each leaf is rolled over onto the next.

Vertical Half Fold Brochures
Vertical half fold brochures are a great way to ensure maximum visibility in a tradeshow setting.

What’s the difference between a pamphlet and a brochure?

There is a slight difference between pamphlets and brochures. We asked our printing experts and this is what they had to say:
Pamphlets are also called “leaflets” and generally considered unbound booklets. They vary in size and style but usually, a pamphlet is something that contains information about a single subject.

Direct Mail Brochures : Get your message across via Post

We offer direct mail services to our customers. Beautifully printed and finished brochures make quite an impact with audiences. Gibson Printing’s professionals can help you with everything from creative graphic design to impressive glossy brochure paper and geo-targeted mailing to your customers/prospects.